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September 2, 2013
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tumblr inline mfd8r6yiIU1qdglvt by gumskull
MOVIE NIGHT ON A METEOR [Reader x Karkat Vantas]
Written by Luna Moxley

"[Y/N]." A soft whisper purred in your ear along with a soft hand shaking your shoulder oh-so-gently. Your eyes flutter open, rolling over to lock eyes with Karkat Vantas--your closest friend. He's wearing his casual attire, a black turtleneck with the imprinted cancer symbol, baggy grey jeans, and black and white worn-out sneakers. His hair is as messy as usual to go with his tired eyes, making him look like he hasn't got any sleep at any time in the night. Of course, trolls are nocturnal. He probably sat by your side all night, watching those sappy romance movies. You know he waits for you to awaken, so he won't be alone. After all, his friends have been leaving him for other people lately. You're the only one on this meteor, besides Dave, who would even bother to keep him company.
He shakes you again, trying to completely wake you out of your daze. "Morning, nooksniffer." He says, baring teeth. "You sleep like a fucking grub. It's about time you woke up." You expected a more friendly greeting, but oh well. He IS Karkat. If he's the leader of anything like he says, it'd be creating insults. "Well, good morning to you too. And, I'm a human. We get much more sleep than you, let alone the troll race. I think. I'm still kind of tired, I can't think." You say in a hushed tone, rubbing your eye. He rolls his eyes and sits up straight on the couch you both take place on. He looks at the many open DVD cases, looking unsure of something. "..Karkat?" You blurt out, startling him. "You didn't watch all these stupid movies when I was asleep, did you?"
"Of course not. I just like to open DVD cases so that the CDs get some fresh air. What the hell do you think?" Karkat leans forward and rests his chin onto his palm, tapping his knee with a free hand. "Do we have any more movies?" He asks you, not trailing his eyes away from the empty cases sprawled on the floor.
"Uh, No idea. I'll go check." You dart your eyes to the closet in the corner of the room. "I think you watched them all, though, being the weirdo movie maniac you are." He growls at this, which makes you giggle. "I'm kidding, Vantas. Get a sense of humor. I like movies too." You get up and walk over to open the closet and rummage through some classics. "We got Titanic."
"Watched it only about two hundred fucking times."
"Four Weddings & a Funeral?"
"You really think I haven't seen that?" He says through a scoff.
He blinks slowly as you mumble some movie titles that he's watched dozens of times. "Are we seriously running low on movie supply? As if this trip couldn't get any worse, now I'm going to be bored off of my goddamn rocker."
You turned around with an idiotic grin on your face as you held up a DVD case.
"Warm Bodies? Sounds shitty."
"What? No, it's totally awesome. Inter-species romance! It's like what Terezi and Dave went through!"
He opened his mouth as if to reply, then shut it again. Your smile faded when you realized what you said. Terezi moving on was still a touchy subject for him, and you could easily tell. Whenever her name was brought up, the light was emptied from his eyes. He wanted her in every quadrant like a desperate fool. And to make it worse, it wasn't you that he was head over heels for. Yeah, you liked this boy, and it was horrible knowing he didn't like you back.
Your tone softened. "I-I'm sor-"
"Shut up, alright? Let's just.. watch the movie."
"But Karkat, I-"
"I said shut up."

You sit down on the couch next to him after fetching some snacks, your hair now tidied up and your clothing changed. Some comfy pajamas will do. He already set up the movie, and has waited for you like an impatient child. "Fucking finally. What is it with women and appearance?"
"Popcorn takes a while to make, stupid. Changing, however, takes me like a minute tops. So quit it with the 'tude, Vantas." You playfully hit him then direct your attention to the TV once the movie starts playing, and you curl up under your favorite blanket on the opposite end of the couch he sat on. "Now shut up and don't complain." He pouts, and watches it with you with pursed lips.
It wasn't a bad movie, despite what reviewers made it out to be.
Just like Twilight.
Bad bad bad bad bad.

You already watched it, and loved it. Karkat would give the occasional soft squeal whenever a cutesy romance moment occurred, so it must have meant that he did too. You two then start to have a review session about the movie.
"I really admire their relationship," You start. "Passionate! Longing, and very strong."
You ramble on about their relationship, and your voice starts to trail off when you realize you will never have one like it.
"Yeah, I guess, but it seemed one-sided. Julie kept pushing him away until he was truly human, like what the fuck?"
You nodded as he talked, but then started to feel a knot tying in your throat. Red creeped all about your face, and your eyes watered. You couldn't keep it in anymore. You cried.
"Whoa, [y/n], are you crying? What's the matter?"
You shake your head in reply, too stubborn to give an answer. You look down at the couch to shield your face from his.
"[y/n], fucking answer me. What is wrong with you?"
You look back up at him to see a face full of both anger and concern, and pull in a deep breath. Your stomach gets queasy, your heart beats rapidly against your rib-cage, and you can feel yourself getting lightheaded.
"I..I.." He raises an eyebrow.
"Spit it out already!"
"I'm.. I'm jealous, okay? I'm jealous of the relationship they have. B-because I know I'll never have it with the guy I.. I love."
He narrows his eyebrows and starts to look bewildered.
"Really?" He chuckles a bit. "Way to fucking rub it in, K-Karkat."
"No, I didn't mean it like.. Look, [y/n]. If that guy doesn't see that your love is destiny, he's fucking crazy. You're an amazing girl, and you don't need to say that you'll 'never have that relationship', because that's bullshit. You deserve the best relationship."
You sniffle. "I guess.. I guess judging by what you say, that means you're f-fucking crazy, then."
"What?" He stares at you for a minute before he realizes, and his jaw drops slightly.
"Yeah." You stand. "I'm gonna.. go. Sorry, I know I made this really awkward. I'll just go talk to Dave or something, I don't know. I understand if you don't wanna talk to me anymore. I'll, uh, see you later."
You start to walk off, until he roughly grabs your wrist and pulls you, not only back down onto the couch, but into a kiss.
His eyes are closed shut, and his face is now flushed a deep red. Your eyes are, however, wide open in shock.
He pulls away and looks at you. "[y/n], I had less than any idea.. Why didn't you tell me sooner?"
"The fear of rejection, for one. Not only that, but you're obviously still flushed for TZ.. The way you shut right the fuck up whenever she's mentioned gives it all away." He studies you as you wipe your face of tears and snot. "You didn't have to give me a sympathy kiss, you know."
"The only reason I do that, is because I'm so fucking shocked at what she's become. You've seen her with your own eyes, [y/n], she's a mess! She had the trait she held dearest to her damn heart taken away from her just because of Gamzee!" His voice was rising, not with anger, but with shock from what you thought. "I'm over her. By now, I'm honestly appalled that you haven't noticed that. I'm stronger than that. I've moved on..
"That wasn't a sympathy kiss, [y/n]. I'm.. I'm really flushed for you." Your eyes locked with his, and your lips parted slightly.
"I didn't tell you, because you always seemed like the kind of girl who was too independent for that kind of quadrant. You were always so free spirited, so strong, so.. you. That's why I.. 'love' you. I'm so-"
You practically leaped onto him with need, capturing him in a deepened kiss with your arms wrapped around his neck. A tear slipped out of your eye, rolling down your cheek slowly. He eventually regained his calm and held you by your waist, pulling you closer. With your bodies now pressed together tightly, you can feel each other's body heat and the thumping of each-other's hearts. He slightly digs his claws into your hips, and even though it stings-- you can't feel but grow accustom to it. His eyes snap open when he pulls back for air, and your foreheads are touching. You hear nothing but the sound of subtle breathing, before he speaks.
"[y/n], I'm flushed for you, okay? Only you. Stop thinking about Terezi. She's the past. You're my present, and my future." His voice was low and serious, showing you that he meant what he said. You nodded, feeling foolish about what you thought earlier.
"Would you be my matesprit?" He asked, biting his lip.
You couldn't help but perk up when he says those words. "Of course, you idiot." You said happily. You curled up next to him and he pulled the blanket over the two of you, snaking an arm around your shoulders.

He must have gotten a tip or two from those silly romcoms.
First Homestuck/Reader fanfic I've ever written. >-> Donut judge. I like pandering to fandoms.

Karkat (c) :iconhussieplz:
Cover (c)
You (c) :iconkarkatvantasplz:
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